lilac curtains frame feet making no sound in


on walnut and polish

Mine squeak bare

your hands

my waist

now and then

I live for those moments

outside, the night is ink in the motes of a get well card

venus is brightest there

as always

everything but you glimmers in awe

black blue evening in d minor

heaven sent

bible bound

fate found


by the spur of the stars

beyond the convention of this world

we are twin gods in another

a gramophone like a copper tampa drill

spins songs that could not be bettered

just as the percussion of your cotton socks

brushes the floorboards


we make half-circles and edgeless

this pause before


new bends

i will touch your face

once in this lifetime

hair like the floss of a curdle-milk sky

or the strings of a guzheng

from a small mouth

sharp enough

makes indistinguishable

whittled tights on marble sculptures

seem real within a millimetre of their creation

we are a flashfire thought in the mind

of the us that sat and heard the music

swell for the first time

met eyes


suffuse clarity through the ashen ghost of a firework

immortal smoke jelly steps back in time to egg

clutching something like a yolk at the centre of my chest

it dyes me golden with the life it holds

and the rest

is purple,

so purple,

we make purple,

it climbs the spiral staircase and sheds a stained glass slipper

it presses the cool of the back of its hand to the violet heat of its brow

it freezes in the gaze of a hare

it rocks in the crescent ramp of the waning moon

and settles in the middle dip

it drips through

layer thin left by crater impact

travels the world upside-down in a game of pachinko

the stars double our score and

we win

one touch,

try to forget it,

I ask you every day,

what are you thinking about?

worlds will fail us