Down rite stupid

She Up and left

I walk around here

Like i belong

nothing wrong with me

liking it

Wearing her glare like a skink

or some

winter perfume

I want to bite biscuit crisp sky from the nite’s pantry and hawk out the half-chewed stars into her mouth like a momma bird

wipe the cosmic light from her maws

and index

full pouting chapstick lips

dryer than the surface of


Beneath all that Vaseline

and twice as untouchable

as the Romance in rocks hurtling about Saturn’s waist

Like a highway that leads to the highway

Like an oncoming freight train on a

lemniscate track

Like the sea stroking a stone to sand

the lacy foam trimmings of its tide

brushing delicately a

sun starved shore

Stormy and moreish

Boorish and corny

I know what the face you’re pulling means like i would a square mile maze

And left to my imagination

I am lost in space